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Powder Eyebrows

Powdered brows also known as ombre brows or shaded eyebrows. This technique has many names, but ultimately gives you the same result.

Powder Eyebrows

Powdered brows is a form of semi-permanent make up and gives a soft powder effect. This technique is perfect for clients who draw on their eyebrows every day, clients with sparse, uneven and over plugged brows, or busy women in general who don’t have time to put make up on every day.

$650 (initial appointment)

$250 (touch up in 6-8 weeks)

$450 (refresh in 12-18 months)

Brows will last anywhere between 12 to 18 months. The timing varies due to each client individual circumstances, such as skin type, daily sun exposure, etc. 

A touch up appointment in 6-8 weeks is required for all of semi permanent makeup procedures. This appointment will ensure that the area of tattooing is finished to perfection.

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