European manicure and pedicure

We use an electrical file with a range of exchangeable attachments to polish the skin and nail bed. This is the latest technology for maintaining nail and cuticles. The manicure is performed mainly using this device. The instrument is always thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after each use. Our salon only uses disposable nail files and buffs.

Manicure $45

Pedicure $55

Gel nails and toes

This procedure involves applying gel to your natural nails. It produces a smooth, shiny, natural finish whilst protecting the nail from flaking by strengthening it. This allows nails to grow to the desired length. 

Our gel nails includes full manicure. And if you're getting your gel toes done the technician will fully clean the skin and cuticle around toe nails. 


Please note that we do not offer nail extensions. We only do gel finish for natural nails.

Gel nails $70

Gel toes $55

Full pedicure and gel toes $85

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